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If you love the restaurant scene, if you love food, if you love fried chicken, bread or ice cream...this is for you!

Team Member



We are looking for part-time members who are dedicated and driven to be part of a growing team and brand.

While our brick and mortar location is being built, we are attending weekend markets and festivals to grow our brand awareness.

Currently, we train and prep on the weekdays and operate on weekends. We are looking to for team players who have experience in the restaurant or festival/market scene.


  • Line Cooks / Chefs

  • Front of house with kitchen experience

  • Restaurant Operations


  • Excellent communication skills

  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment while maintaining great enthusiasm

  • Have a high sense of responsibility and passion to provide genuine hospitality

  • Be a team player with strong work ethics

  • Availability to train and prep on weekdays, work on weekends and the holiday season for farmer markets or food festival events

  • Be able to adapt to different roles or positions

This is NOT a temporary job as we are opening our first location in the next few months. We will continue catering, attending markets and food festivals while we operate our brick and mortar.

There is room for growth as we are looking for leaders and motivated role players with long-term career goals!

If you're the right candidate, please fill out the application below. We look forward to working and eating with you!


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