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BOLO takes Hong Kong’s favorite bread, the Bolo (aka pineapple buns), and updates it with a twist.

The brainchild of two friends who are food and travel enthusiasts, Bolo was created as a love letter for the years they’ve spent living (and eating) in Hong Kong. With fresh baked Bolos as their canvas, they craft unique sandwiches with their top secret fried chicken for a savory treat or seasonal ice creams for the perfect dessert.


BOLO Featured on Stage 13’s Family Style!

They’re telling me to wipe my face off but I don’t care! That chicken is so tender… this is so good!
BOLO is famous for their Hong Kong pineapple buns stuffed with everything from spicy fried chicken to creamy Ube Bae ice cream covered in sprinkles.
Fried chicken is calling our name!
— @smorgasburgla
BOLO, a popular new Smorgasburg stand that’s taking over Instagram with its Asian fried chicken sandwiches.
— Eater LA

Some of Our Favorites —


Fried Chicken Sando

A portable feast: Our juicy fried Jidori chicken cutlet (secret recipe of course), smothered with spicy garlicky aioli, topped with a zesty Cantonese slaw and sandwiched between our hot, butter toasted bolo. A bit messy to tackle, but it’s oh so worth it!


Garlic Pepper Fries

Salty, crispy and so good to share with friends, our garlic pepper fries comes with our signature Bolo sauce. Psst... if you want to kick it up a notch, ask for our chili spice blend. Bet you can't have just one!


Hot Butter Toasted Bolo

Sometimes, you just want to keep it original. Our hot, butter toasted bolo bun topped with butter and milk drizzle. Classic Hong Kong breakfast when paired with a latte.


Spicy Chicken Sando

We take our OG juicy fried Jidori chicken sando and kick it up a notch with our homemade chili spice dust and hot garlic oil. Spicy yes, but it won't burn off the roof of your mouth. Think of it as a tasty flavor kick.


Chicken Tenders Bolo Box

Craft your perfect build with your very own choose your adventure: crispy chicken tenders, garlic pepper fries, butter toasted Bolo with a side of our zesty slaw and signature Bolo sauce. Make meal time fun again!







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